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Welcome to Integrated Profiles!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We're excited as we prepare for the GA of ‘Integrated Profile!’ Over the past several months, several beta customers, such as GiffGaff and Telstra, have used the feature to gain rich insights into their super users.


Using Integrated Profile, community owners can:

  • Grow engagement of your most loyal community members by understanding their interests.
  • Activate & increase the number of your most loyal community members across all social channels.
  • Enlist your super users to support your brand advocacy and support efforts.


Results so far:

  • GiffGaff had success getting customers to adopt, getting over 100 people to link their profiles in the first 24 hours of the program launching by offering rewards incentives.
  • Integrated profile provides information that can lead to increased engagement. Telstra identified subject matter experts in their community, then invited them to join the conversation around product announcements. They saw a 4X lift in post engagement.


Want to learn more about Integrated Profile? Get involved in the discussion here!


Take a look below for an overview of our current Klout usage:




Shanan_Delp.pngShanan Delp
Senior Director, Product Management
San Francisco

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