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What's up? Docs!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

As ScottD mentioned in the Lithosphere Log, we're going to be posting items from the Lithium product documentation library as attachments to articles in this blog.


Here's the way it will work. Each week, I'll be posting an article that talks about a Lithium platform feature. And attached to that article, will be the PDF version of the corresponding guide.


The vast majority of our guides are geared to community administrators, and include information about what the feature is, how it works, how (and why) you might use it in your community, and instructions for turning the feature on and configuring it.


Ready? Here goes.


Following up on my last post about ideas, today's installment is also about ideas.


Compact-Flourescent-Bulb.jpgIdeas—everyone has them and given the slightest encouragement, most people are willing to share theirs. If you ask them, your customers will tell you the enhancements and new features they want, the topics they’re interested in hearing about at your next user conference, or even what you should call a new product.


The challenge is to capture those ideas in a systematic way, identify the most important ones, and provide feedback and encouragement to keep the ideas flowing. Customers need to know that you are listening and acting on their best ideas. However, these are challenges that online communities in general and Lithium Idea Exchanges in particular are uniquely designed to meet. (Hey, we wouldn't be spelling out the challenges if we didn't have a solution.)


Whether you're jump-starting a new community or adding a new dimension to an existing one, idea exchanges provide an easy way to embark on or extend the conversation with your customers.


The full document is attached here for your reference – let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


Image: From WikiMedia

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SusanM, formerly Lithium's wordsmith in residence, was responsible for product documentation, user interface text, and inline and online user assistance. She's now available to work the same magic for other companies.