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Pagination at top of search results

Pagination at top of search results

Say, I think it woud be very nice to have the pagination at the top of search results as well. I'd prefer not to have to scroll all the way back down a page to go to the next page.


Thanks 🙂

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Good call @PerBonomi ! I'll add this to our list for our next wave of improvements and keep you updated in this thread.

Wow, thank you.

Found this old post, I would like that too.

And while you're working on it: It would be nice to know how many pages the list are in total. 



When you press Next - there is always a new page...




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Totally agree with @AnnaSvensson 

We also would love to see how many pages are in total on the search page, as it makes a confusing user experience when you can see thousands of search results on the top of the page and only two pages at the bottom, that you have to click through.

Our users already noticed this inconvenience and it would be great if we could provide an answer to them, that this is in the works.