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Monitoring and Reporting during a crisis for Community Management in the Inbox

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

This article outlines recommendations for monitoring inbound conversations related to a crisis or other major event via Khoros Social Marketing Inbox and/or Care Module. These conversations are primarily direct interactions with your social channels. For help with setting up social listening searches for monitoring the wider conversation, getting notifications for mentions of your brand, check out this article.

The example below uses the current COVID-19 pandemic as an example and walks you through setting up a new label, monitoring your queues for activity, and reporting on volume and sentiment.

Admin Setup

Create a new “COVID 19” label and Auto-label rule


  1. Go to Company Settings:  2020-03-17_15-45-21.png
  2. Click Labels in left-hand navigation panel
  3. Navigate to an existing community management label set, or create a new label set (i.e. "Crisis " or "COVID 19") selecting use-case care and community management 
  4. From the label set, click Add a Label.
  5. Enter the name for the label (for example, COVID 19) and click Add Label.2020-03-17_15-45-58.png
  6. Create a Care rule to automatically append the COVID 19 label to all inbound items that contain any keywords or phrases included in the rule. See Suggested Care Rule Keywords/Phrases below. [See article: How-to create and manage Care Rules]

Note: Community managers should manually apply the COVID 19 label to other inbound items that did not automatically receive the label.

Tip: For more teams that are already working out of Topic queues and prefer to add a new queue for this, follow the same steps to create a new topic queue to automatically assign items based on keywords / phrases to the queue. Skip the next two sections about filtering streams/queues and simply monitor the newly created queue. Keep in mind that since this is keyword/phrase based there will be items that are not caught and assigned to the queue, so in order to get reporting on the volume you will need to have community managers either reassign items to the COVID 19 queue and/or all items should also receive the COVID 19 label. If you are creating a routing rule, be sure to select which sources you are routing from rather than doing all sources. [See Atlas Article: Create and Manage Topic Queues.]

Suggested Care Rule Keywords / Phrases: coronavirus, corona virus, COVID-19, covid19, coronapocalypse, coronaviruspandemic, coronaquarantine, coronavirusquarantine, covid, quarantine, coronaviruspanic, washyourhands, coronaoutbreak, coronavirusupdate, social distancing, socialdistancing, pandemic, quarantine, hand sanitizer, handsanitizer


Monitor COVID 19 via Streams and Collections in the Inbox

Below is a best practice for managing inbound content related to COVID 19 auto-labeled items from the Social Marketing Inbox.

If your inbox view is already set up, you can filter your existing streams for the label as outlined below in Step 3. However, we recommend creating a new, temporary tab with all of your streams or queues added to it for monitoring the crisis so as not to disrupt your existing inbox setup. 

  1. Create a new tab in your Inbox, rename the tab “COVID 19” or “CRISIS COMMS”                                     2020-03-17_11-01-23.png
  2. Create collections of streams to group together streams in order to view all COVID 19 content in one view (for example, a collection of all public streams, another for all private streams, and a 3rd for all Twitter search streams, or any grouping you prefer).            

  3. Add the appropriate collections from your stream library to Inbox view.
  4. Filter your stream or collection(s) for: 
    1. Label = specific label “COVID 19” 
    2. Status = new / assigned to queue
    3. Retweets = exclude retweets2020-03-17_11-08-35.png2020-03-17_11-08-46.png2020-03-17_11-09-23.png2020-03-17_11-10-34.png

  5. Save your filter for easy application:
    1. Click create. at the top of the filters window
    2. Name your filter.
    3. Click Save and apply.    

  6. Use the saved filter on other streams and collections to quickly apply the same filters additional streams / collections 2020-03-17_11-00-52.png
  7. Optional: Create Twitter search-based streams to monitor indirect mentions of your brand.
  8. Apply the COVID 19 filters in the same fashion as above in option 1

Monitor COVID 19 via Topic Queues in the Inbox or Care Module 

If your team works out of Topic Queues, you can also filter an individual topic queue from the Inbox view and/or care view by specific label = COVID 19







Report on volume and sentiment of COVID 19-labeled items

  1. Go to Analytics > Care Dashboards.
  2. Create a new Care Dashboard (or use an existing dashboard that includes “inbound volume” by label widget.)
  3. Apply Dashboard filters.
    1. Streams = your initiative’s specific streams (i.e. Company Name (Default) Page Activity, @Company Twitter Mentions)
    2. OR by queue = your teams’ specific queues       
    3. Note - You can filter your entire dashboard by label=COVID 19 which will show only volume that has had that label applied to get a quick look at volume for the COVID 19 label, however, to get more detailed data on the COVID 19 label WITH other labels, such as sentiment; or to compare the volume of COVID19 with the overall volume in the same dashboard, it is recommended to follow the process for filtering individual widgets as outlined below in steps 4 and 5 INSTEAD of filtering the entire dashboard by the COVID19 label.                                                2020-03-17_15-54-23.png2020-03-17_15-54-43.png
    4. Add Widget - incoming volume by label.2020-03-17_15-55-06.png
    5. Click the pencil icon on the widget to edit the widget filters2020-03-17_15-55-32.png
    6. Go to the filter settings for the widget, and filter for label - COVID 19
      • Optional - go to display settings and rename this widget  to “COVID 19 Total Volume” .                                        2020-03-17_15-29-02.png
    7. Show additional labels applied to COVID 19 items:
      1. Add new widget -  add incoming volume by label Widget a second time
      2. Click pencil icon to edit widget
      3. Go to the display settings for the widget, at the bottom, select “select labels to display” and select- COVID 19 (Optional: in display settings, rename the widget to “COVID 19 Sentiment)2020-03-17_14-56-20.png
      4. Now to go filter settings for the same widget and select your second label(s) of interest (i.e. sentiment labels) from the labels filter                                                                  2020-03-17_14-56-09.png








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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

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