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Celebrating 8 New Lithium Communities on Our 8th Anniversary

Retired Community Manager

This week, we’re celebrating our community’s 8th anniversary. Earlier, we took a look at the Lithium community and celebrated some milestones. In the spirit of community, we’d like to take a look at 8 new communities that joined the Lithium family this year. 



  1. GoDaddy, an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, launched their community to provide quick and immediate answers to customers as well as encourage and enhance their learning of GoDaddy products and services.As part of their community launch, they invited a select group of customers to help create compelling content. They awarded these community members a special “Community Founders” badge, and saw over 2,000 registrations in their first month!


  1. Nextbit Community. Nextbit is a company that has created the only cloud-first smartphone, the Robin. The phone is able to take apps, photos and all forms of media and store them in the cloud automatically, and the community provides peer-to-peer support as well as a place for users to engage. One thing that caught our eye is the #RobinCam board, where users can post pictures they’ve taken with the Robin! Community users have been sharing pictures from around the globe, including Taiwan, Canada, London and even a “What’s my lunch” thread.


  1. PEXA’s e-Conveyancing Community is used for PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) staff to provide scalable support to customers to guide them through the complex process of digital property settlement. Since they just launched, they’re encouraging users to complete training by rewarding them with badges. Another part of their community we love is how they highlight their experts:



  1. Community is a trusted space for home buyers, sellers and real estate investors to connect with each other as well as with real estate agents and industry experts. This community has come up with creative ways to keep users engaged, including their recent Dream Home Tips Sweepstakes that had users hunting for images of the series’ “dream pals”.


  1. Weebly provides a drag-and-drop website builder, with the community focusing on peer-to-peer support and education. What stood out with this community was its “Meet Your Weebly Community” stories that highlight different community members—how they got started, what resources they found useful, and other learnings that have proved inspiring and useful to community members.


  1. Workshop: Many of you know @JasonHill a Lithium Rockstar and an avid contributor on the Lithium community. This year, Jason launched the Workshop community, and we love how he and his team created this community for gardening enthusiasts to foster DIY conversations, ignite imagination and celebrate accomplishments together. We especially love the “Meet the Community” section, highlighting community members and their interests as it pertains to the community.





  1. XL Axis Community, based in Indonesia, is another community that launched recently. This community has already started to see members engaging frequently, and even racing to create great content on the community. Superusers have already started to arise, and the community team is planning to hold their first offline gathering this month!

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.37.59 AM.png





  1. Zuora, a subscription management platform, launched their community for members to discover solutions, as well as have easy access to knowledge documentation, contribute and vote on product ideas, learn about new product releases and grow in their Zuora expertise. Three months after launching the community, the Zuora team saw a 11% reduction in support tickets—a true win!



Congratulations again to all our new communities, and welcome to the Lithium family!