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How Connections Open New Business Strategies - Pro Panel Discussion Recap

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

At Khoros we get to work with some really amazing communities. In fact, we learn a lot from our customers about how to manage and grow communities every day. This webinar (link needed) is all about sharing some of those insights from some of our very best customers with all of you. You can find the full webinar recording here.


We recently hosted a discussion with Microsoft, Autodesk, and our partner iTalent around the idea of how focusing their community strategies on connecting new people and new digital spaces has created some amazing results. 


A couple highlights:

  • Microsoft Power Platforms grew their Spanish Language community from 50 to 44,000 users in the last year. 
  • Autodesk grew active users 9x in a Facebook Group about their product


The technology


Both Autodesk and Microsoft leveraged Community Syndication - a new way to embed community and peer content into a variety of digital spaces.  They also both leveraged iTalent to take the Khoros platform a step farther than usual by reaching new audiences on social, in other languages, and in other owned communities. 




The Strategy


Here is where some cool stuff happened that you have to watch the video to see. 

Autodesk did a pilot with a Facebook Group, and drove some great results in engagement and in terms of customer experience!

Microsoft showed a whopping 80% increase in pageviews across their communities after showcasing the shared community content in multiple locations. Microsoft started by focusing on one event and one community, and now they have expanded in 3 separate phases, with many more planned.



Connecting communities is about focusing on audiences that have not joined a community, or audiences where people have to expend extra effort to be involved in multiple related communities.  By setting a strategy to connect them, brands help simplify that experience and can experience rapid growth in engagement and in new visitors and members to the community.

What’s Next


There are still many more ways that brands can use Syndication to connect their various communities together more closely. Other customers are providing FAQs, product feedback, or enabling blog comments through by connecting into a pre-moderated, searchable, and vibrant brand community site.

What syndication looks likeWhat syndication looks like


What would you like to do with Syndication?  Reddit? eCommerce?  Tell us about it in the comments.