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Learn How HP Measures Social ROI and What’s Next

Lithium Alumni (Retired)






Many companies wonder how to measure and prove the ROI of social customer care. We recently talked with Kriti Kapoor (@kkapoor), Global Director of Social Customer Care at HP, about how HP measures social ROI.



Q: How do you measure ROI?

A: We measure a number of things, including number of customers we’re serving, how many solutions provided, how many solutions have been viewed by other communities – because that’s the power of social customer service – expanding the reach. We have built an ROI model that looks at the number of contacts coming into our contact center to determine how many calls we have deflected by handling it on social.


We also survey our customers and ask them if they got an answer to the problem, and if not, where would they have gone next. These things help us to continually understand our customers better and find better ways to improve their customer care experience.


View the video to learn what’s next for HP in driving value with social customer care.


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