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What Does a High Performing Community Look Like?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Brand communities are not new. From the Girl Scouts in the 1910s to the emergence of Tupperware parties in the 1950s, passionate followers of brands have found ways to interact years before the internet.


highperforming.png Now in the digital age, online communities are the ultimate destination to get the deepest engagement from customers.


Despite the positive impact on cost savings, sales, and customer satisfaction, online communities have been one of the biggest secrets in digital.  However, that’s now changed as we’ve reached a digital tipping point.


In fact, 46% of offline sales will be influenced by digital by 2021 (Forrester). And by the end of 2018, 65% of support interactions will be digital (IDC).


If you have a community, do you know if your community is high performing? Read our new handbook to find out how to get the most out of your online community.


This handbook focuses on the value of high performing communities and the benefits to brands at every stage of a digital customer’s lifecycle.


Download it here today.


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