Customer vs Fans

I really enjoyed the Spredfast and Lithium Customer vs. Fans event last week (fabulous breakfast) 

One of my big takeaways (for me) from it was the way how to adapt and develop content relevant to you audience and understanding what your audience wants. 

I find "best performing" content on any analytic tool only tells part of the story. What sort of tools do you use to help develop your audience segmentation and develop or tools to understand your audiences' interest better - do you just use native tools or have an extra add on? 

Ps. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of the the partnership between Lithium and Spredfast 🙂 

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I enjoyed the session, especially as I was approaching Lithium from an
'outsider' perspective.

Lots of interesting things hinted as being in the merger pipeline.

Looking forward to see what emerges in terms of the full proposition for
the new organiaation.

My team and I missed the event sadly - we registered and clearly didn't pay enough attention to the details, but duly saved the calendar appointment we got sent to our diaries. That appointment unfortunately had the wrong time set, so we all thought it was an afternoon event as that was when the appointment showed for and none of us had cross checked with the registration site!


Was there any suggestion of a slowdown in the product development pipeline in order to focus resources on the new combined product? It might just be the usual Christmas lull but I feel that SMM hasn't really had that much innovation recently. Maybe I'm being unfair and it's just that the improvements I want aren't coming through but It'd be good to know if lithium are adding resources to help combine the codebase rather than borrowing from the existing development teams. 

I know having a silo demo Spredfast in past with a previous client (although the client couldn't afford to pay for it) I was quite impress with the analytics and reporting, I think it could give Lithium an overall boost in that department. 

Although I'm a community manager for the organisation I work for, I dabble in a little reporting on our on site social platforms (facebook and twitter)  I depend mostly of the native analytics though, it's great lithium provides top performing brand post, but it would be nice to see  lowest performing post in one go, just to see where brands can improve. theoretically I guess you can - but scrolling through feed - not automatically rounding it up. 

What sorts of tools do you use to understand your audience better and measure what sort of content resonates with them best?