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Occasional Contributor

Proposing a DACH virtual Meetup


since we only started our journey here in the South at Exasol. It would be great to learn more from all of you and discuss. Happy to host a Meetup via Zoom. Looking forward to some feedback.

Grüsse aus Nürnberg


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Khoros Staff

Great initiative @clangmayr ! Let me help you to promote and start the conversation by tagging a few other fellow DACH community people 🙂 

@JuergenM @mike_lion @sebastian23 @STARFLEET @waldemarhelm @AlexBoehnke @MarcelR @MarcusT

Respected Contributor

We're definetely in.

The last meetup in Berlin was great fun! We'd be happy to support a virtual meetup as well. Great initiative @clangmayr!

What would the agenda look like? We always had some presentations and round tables. Except the coffee breaks and lunch, that works online, too. On some other occasions, we found working together on virtual whiteboards was extremely productive and fun. So, there are quiet a few possibilities to facilitate discussions in a virtual meeting.

Maybe, we add some fun stuff like an online quiz asking nasty Khoros expert questions? Example "What is the standard character limit for the field in which predefined labels are configured?" Or kind of speed dating or so...

@PatrickW, what do you think: Why not setting up a call with a few guys to plan the virtual event?

Khoros Staff

just realised i forgot @Claudius in this thread. I'm sure he might be interested to join a virtual meetup too 🙂 

@JuergenM , yes happy to do a brainstorm session about topics which we can discuss. 

Occasional Contributor

has anything happened? can I join in the fun to get going?