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Announcing Khoros Engage 2021 Breakout Sessions

Have you heard? Just like your favorite mix tape, On-demand Breakout Sessions for Khoros Engage just dropped! Packed full of expert-led Breakout Sessions, Engage is designed to inspire those who are passionate about digital-first customer experience and to help you advance your brand’s goals. So what are you waiting for? Jam to the Engage 2021 playlist,  see the agenda, and read a little preview here:

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The rise of audio: Clubhouse, podcasts, audio advertising, & more Man & Machine: Why consumers want to talk to bots & humans Build, Buy, or Manage? How to build community when communities are everywhere
First there was text, then images, then video — now audio is stealing the show on social. Take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that audio marketing offers. Your agents need smart chatbots just as much as your customers do. Learn where to combine chatbot speed and human understanding to make life easier for customers and agents. The world has more options than ever when it comes to building community with your customers. We’ll show you how to evolve from a social network community to a branded CX space. 


Need more reasons to register for Khoros Engage? We’ve got you covered with our latest blog post!

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