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Community Virtual Developer Training -- Open for Enrollment!

Khoros Virtual Developer Training is open for enrollment! These training sessions are an efficient way to empower your Developer teams to maintain and evolve your community. Attendees are led by expert Khoros Developers who have years of expertise working on our platform. In this shared classroom environment attendees also get to meet and hear from their peers at other Customers to learn more about how they are making the most of the Khoros Community platform.

The week-long training includes five consecutive days of two hours of instruction per day in a virtual classroom setting that will include live training, code reviews from previous days assignments, and office hours to support new assignments.

Upcoming Training Dates:

March 27-31 at 9-11am CT

Course Outline:

  • Best practices
    • API Usage
    • Authentication
    • Performance – caching strategies and serving assets via the Content Delivery Network
    • Security
    • Production Readiness
  • Advanced community customization
    • Endpoints
    • Common.init familiarization
  • Products
    • Community API v1 and v2
    • Community FreeMarker objects
    • Community Plug-in SDK

Customer attendees must be developers who have:

  • Completed the Khoros Administration Foundation, Studio Foundation, and Advanced Studio training on Khoros Campus
  • Solid understanding of Responsive web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, media queries)
  • Solid understanding of Freemarker
  • Familiarity with SaaS
  • Registered user on Khoros Community for access to Developer Documentation

There is a fee associated with these training sessions. Success Services can also be applied to the training.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager (or Amanda Nguyen) for more details on how to purchase and register for the training. 

Update 3/13/2023:
We are closing registration on Friday, March 17.

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How do I enroll for this?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Michelle will be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks for the interest!

Is the cost for the session a secret?

Khoros Staff

Hi @AmandaN 

@RobWhite at Etsy would like to enroll for this class.  How do we get him signed-up?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @JeanetteF and @RobWhite, I've pinged your CSM and they will reach out to you shortly, if not already!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for your interest! It's not a secret.

The cost is 5 SS points for up to three attendees, or $1500 per person.