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Don’t miss Nilofer Merchant’s keynote October 14 at Khoros Engage Digital

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


This year’s Khoros Engage keynote speaker is author, businesswoman, and tech expert Nilofer Merchant. She will be sharing her years of expertise and thought leadership as we discuss digital transformation and engagement along the theme of her renowned topic: Onlyness, the distinct value of each of us.

Want to know more about Nilofer Merchant? Check out this blog on the Khoros website.

We’re excited to hear how Merchant’s themes of Onlyness, engagement, and digital transformation take shape in her keynote address. She plans to discuss what it means to engage, just how far engagement has come in the past eight years since her second book was published, and how far it will go in the coming years.

As we’ve all seen, times change and require a new way of engaging, so her words are more valuable than ever. Every brand has to look at ways of going digital like they haven’t had to before, making it tougher to engage with both potential and existing customers. These themes, combined with Merchant’s prowess as a speaker, will make this section of Engage one that you can’t miss.


If Merchant’s ideas about digital strategy, leadership, and engagement sound like they might be helpful for your business, let us know you're attending on the Nilofer Merchant Keynote Event Page

Not only will you hear Merchant’s exciting keynote address, but you will also be able to participate in our in-depth breakout sessions, hear from digital experts, and network with leaders in many industries. The event is completely digital in 2020, but there’s just as much great content as ever. Stay up to date on Engage News and Discussions by joining and subscribing to the Khoros Events Group Hub!

We can’t wait to ask, “how can digital transformation help foster a sense of Onlyness and build engagement and resilience?” What do you want to ask her? Let us know in the comments below!

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