Khoros announcement LIVE STREAM at London Engage

Hi All. 
I went to Khoros Engage in London last year and unfortunately was not able to attend in Austin.

But I wondered about something.

At the event in London, A new Live stream product was part of the roadmap.

Did this reappear in Austin.
I wonder if it fell off the roadmap and if not, what's the plan for it? We would love to learn more.


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Hi Wendy,


Yes, this was on the roadmap we saw in Austin. There are some images here:


It would be great if the product owners could provide some info here. I did attend an on-site and learned a bit more and it sounds like a cool feature! Not sure what can be shared here though.


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@Wendy_S Yes, Events & Live Streaming is part of our future roadmap. Please find attached a slide from the slide deck used at Khoros Engage.

This feature envisages: ability to publish an event calendar for the community, support for event registration, comments, notifications & event-related analytics. Each event can be created with or without Live Streaming. When enabled, we are looking at also providing the capability to embed the live video piece into a Forum Topic or a Blog/TKB article; in both live and archive modes. We expect to roll out this new feature as part of CY2020 roadmap and should be able to share more details & firmer timelines in H1, '20. Please do let us know if there are any questions or would like any additional information.

@lilim It was great meeting you in Austin couple of weeks back and many thanks for sharing your feedback.



Thanks @lilim and @RahulHa 

It does seem like it is a long time out still. 🙄  Nevertheless thanks for sharing!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!