Snack Breaks & Hot Takes: Community Benchmarks for 2022

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Published on ‎11-03-2021 11:23 AM by Khoros Staff | Updated on ‎12-02-2021 11:38 AM

Event recording will be posted no later than Tuesday, December 7. Thank you all for joining the discussion. Additional questions can be posted in the forum thread on this event below. 

Resources for Rich Millington @FeverBee : 


Thursday, December 2

12pm ET | 11am CT | 9am PT


Snack Breaks & Hot Takes is a digital series connecting you to experts in customer experience, brand owned communities, and digital contact centers. Running only 30 minutes, this event offers you an opportunity to get a snack on Khoros through Uber Eats, gain valuable insights from leading experts, and ask questions in the event chat.


Join our upcoming Snack Breaks & Hot Takes session to hear Richard Millington, Founder of Feverbee, share benchmarks and key trends distilled from over 5 billion community visits on Khoros communities and Feverbee clients to help you plan for success in 2022.


The last two years have seen tremendous transformation, and one of the bright spots has been the growth in online communities - specifically brand-owned communities.

Harnessing this momentum to accelerate community growth means drafting budgets, HR plans, and strategies to drive growth next year. Doing this well requires strong success stories AND data to convince even the most skeptical executives.


Unfortunately, such data is impossible to find, and community leaders have to rely on industry surveys and anecdotes from peers. Aggregate data and insights from the industry as a whole is nowhere to be found - until now.


Richard Millington has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities. He is the founder of FeverBee, an international community consultancy, and the author of Buzzing Communities. Richard’s clients have included Google, Facebook, Oracle, Wikipedia, EMC, Greenpeace, and many more.


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Khoros Guru

That was an awesome captivating and energizing talk! Many thanks to you @JakeR and Richard @FeverBee  👏

Khoros Staff

Thank you to our attendees for all the awesome questions during our live session! There are a few we didn't have time to answer live:

  • Have you developed a successful model for measuring ROI for a super user program? I've just launched our new super user program and want to track the ROI for the business moving forward. (I have a couple ideas but wanted to hear your POV) -Austin Grimes, Flexera
  • Is the fact that "community" has become a defined term across many industries is it limiting itself in encompassing more experiences? e.g. "forums" where the thing 20 years ago, but have lost a lot of their hotness since. What'll be following on "community"?   - Claudius Henrichs, Dataiku

@JakeR & @FeverBee - Could you respond to the above in this thread?


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