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What is a Hot Take?

My hot take? Right now is time to recession proof your CX. 

Snack Breaks & Hot Takes is a digital series bringing experts "hot takes" in community engagement and customer experience to you! 

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But what is a "hot take"? 

Oxford defines it as a noun - "a piece of commentary, whose primary purpose is to attract attention." 

So my "hot take" is that - YES - right now is the time we should be drawing major attention to improving customer experience and proving your value. Consumers are getting pickier where to spend their budgets and brands are looking to recession proof CX

Forbes recently outlined three tactics to save money, improve cx, and be able to bounce back in better times. 
  • give customers a reason to return 
  • cut costs by preempting avoidable customer inquiries 
  • reexamine what's relevant to your customer 

Tuesday, June 14 "Hot Takes" session featuring @jennyweigle gives the roadmap to 'giving customers a reason to return'. Why now is the time to invest in getting your support community to retain and grow customers. 

Thursday, June 16 "Hot Takes" session featuring Leon Gantt of SquareTrade gives the roadmap to finding those avoidable friction points, saving money and giving the customer what they really want. 

I hope if you have 30 minutes of your day to join us for a snack and a hot take to arm you with the talking and proof points to retain and grow your CX solutions. 

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