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10 Strategies Used by Symantec to Scale Social Customer Service

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Building an effective and successful social customer service organization from the ground up is no easy feat. During our most recent webcast Tim Lopez (@Tim)  , Head of Global Social Customer Care at Symantec and Dave Evans (@DaveEv) , Lithium’s VP of Social Strategy shared some key things they’ve learned along the way.


Stay ahead of the curve

Many factors can cause an influx in support volume: corporate announcements, seasonal sales, product announcement, or even service issues. There a few things we recommend doing to successfully navigate these situations.


1. Remember that relevance is key. Remember to leverage your social support tool’s features to prioritize and bring in relevant requests to the top of the queue.


2. Study and model historical trends to inform your support strategy. Lithium Social Web's real-time alerts functionality allows you to dig into data from up to a year and a half ago. Based on these findings, you can prepare by staffing additional agents, resources, and workflow plans.


3. Have a system to distribute workflow and quickly handle requests with templated responses in case your team’s workload is overflowed. Training your agents to leverage templated responses to respond to multiple posts that refer to the same question is a great way to tackle this. 


Train, train, and train again.

Practice is the only way to deliver as perfect customer experience as possible. Provide proper training for your agents so they understand how to communicate and be resourceful in finding answers for customers.


4. Fully understanding and knowing the ins and outs of your social media management tool is absolutely crucial. Hosting training and certification workshops can be helpful to make sure agents are up to par.


5. Consider coaching your agents on their communication style. For example, what is the best way to show empathy on social while being concise and helpful in their responses? Having a gap in this area can directly impact response times and customer sentiment.


6. Acknowledge that agents have a very stressful job and often carry the customer load for the rest of the organization. Hosting self-care workshops to manage some of that stress can be helpful.


Empower agents with the right tools

Sometimes it’s necessary to have additional context about the customer or even your own products to provide a great experience.


7. Agents don’t always need to know the answer; they just need to know where to find it. Ensure that they know how to connect with the right subject matter experts within your organization to resolve issues quickly – and don’t forget to encourage peer to peer knowledge sharing and documentation. LSW Experts is a powerful way to accomplish exactly this. 


8. Integrate your CRM system to create a unified experience. Symantec recently integrated LSW with Salesforce to have better context about their customers. The faster agents can get a clearer picture of what’s at hand, the faster they can drive towards resolving issues.


Be more responsive


9. Setting up a 24-hour social support operation can be a powerful way to move the needle on customer sentiment conversion and response rates. LSW’s shared dashboards allow you to track exactly which hours of the day bring the highest volume, and compare team performance metrics on-hours and off-hours, to make strategic staffing decisions.


Champion your team, gain visibility


10. Symantec launched social support in 2010 and grew their team from 3 to 17 people. Obviously this doesn’t happen without executive buy-in and support. One of the best ways to do this is to champion your team’s success and show exactly how they are making an impact on the rest of the business. Don’t be shy! In fact, many of Lithium’s customers leverage LSW Monitor Walls to ensure their team has more visibility within their organization.


This webcast, “7 critical strategies for highly effective customer service”, can be viewed on-demand.-


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