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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Customer Service

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

In Forrester Research’s recent report: 2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic, they advise brands on some key changes that are impacting the customer service experience.


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.42.52 PM.png


It made us curious: How can brands harness this insight to improve and enhance customer care?


To explore, we had our resident Social Customer Service Thought Leader, Dave Evans, examine these trends and provide some real-world, actionable tips to help you up-level your customer service experience, such as how to:

  • Make it easier for customers to find answers themselves
  • Know when and when not to use AI and bots
  • Align customer experience measures across all channels
  • Use the power of data to create better experiences

We’ve also included practical insight into what your technology should be enabling you to do and spotlighted some brands that we think are ahead of the game in delivering enhanced customer service experiences.


Ready to discover the 10 ways to upgrade your customer service?


Download the free ebook here.


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