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3 Foundations of Great CX to Make Your Brand a Customer Favorite

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

3 Foundations of Great CX to Make Your Brand a Customer Favorite


“By 2020, Gartner Research predicts that 90% of brands will begin to leverage social media to manage customer service efforts. In fact, the brands that take action on this trend now will be the most likely to be successful customer service experiences in the future.” – CX in the Age of Social Media


Your customers are using social channels to interact with you for social customer service and to express their feelings to you. Are you there for them? Social media has dramatically changed the ways brands and customers relate – but many brands remain stuck in the past. According to Twitter, customer service interactions on social platforms have risen 250% in the last two years.

Where is your brand in all this? Are you meeting your customers expectations for great CX?


To ramp up great CX now and prepare for a future where CX is how you’ll compete, there are three foundations of CX you need to implement today:

  1. Remove friction by making it easy to access and interact with your brand
  2. Be where your customers already are, not just where you want to be
  3. Surprise and delight customers to keep them in love with your brand

These three pillars of great CX create a solid foundation that you can build upon immediately and use as a roadmap for the future.

Get the full details on each pillar as well as examples of how brands are putting them into play in our whitepaper “Customer Experience (CX) in the Age of Social Media”.


Download it here.