3 ways to stay active in your job search during COVID-19

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Searching for a new job in the regular world can be time-consuming, confusing, and difficult. Add in the recent events of COVID-19 to that mix, and all of those feelings are instantly heightened. Here are a few tips to keep yourself engaged in the job search and continue making progress!

Always leverage and expand your networkD5A_2041 (2) copy.jpg

I know this seems obvious, but this could not, (and I repeat) could not be more crucial during this time. Of course, you aren’t able to meet a colleague or friend for a coffee chat, so social media and online communities are more key now than ever. Comment on a leader’s LinkedIn post, share posts or content relevant to the job you are applying for, comment on a colleague’s Facebook photo, or reply to someone’s story on Instagram. We are all feeling alone together, and you might just connect with someone who has an even bigger network you can engage with. The little things go a long way.

Use this time to work on your professional development

As a recruiter myself, and since my company (like many others) has slowed hiring, I have taken the little extra free time to brush up on my professional skills. There are tons of content, blogs, books, and videos out there with these types of training. LinkedIn has a great library, from leadership and management workshops to software development to Adobe 101. Although they are monthly costs, they have a one-month free trial you can utilize while you search. If you want to get a little more specific and learn more about what Khoros is all about, we have a whole library of white-pages, reports and case studies to keep you up-to-date of what is going on in our industry. Overall, drilling into your development, whatever it may be, will help you sharpen your skills and keep you mentally engaged. 

(See Khoros Resource Page Here)

Self Reflect and Reevaluate 

Reevaluate your cover letter and resume. Ask yourself these questions: Is my resume enticing for employers to review? Are the jobs I’m applying for a match for my background and experience? Is my resume clean and easy-to-read? It’s okay to apply for something that might not line up exactly with your past experience - explain this in your cover letter and give examples of how your experience makes you a good fit for something new. 


Most importantly: Don’t give up. Keep Applying. Stay safe and stay healthy. 🙂

Check out our Atlas Job Board for open roles at Khoros, and other tips & tricks that you may find helpful during this time.

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Khoros Staff

Great ideas @RobinL ! Thanks for sharing the Khoros Resource page, too. Very valuable resources indeed.

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