7 Reasons to Attend CMX Summit in San Francisco

Retired Community Manager

Here at Lithium, we’re all about growing in our knowledge of all things community. CMX Summit West is coming up on October 15th right here in San Francisco, and here are 7 reasons we think you should attend.


  1. Inspiring stories: hear how founders build community-driven businesses from the ground up
  2. Specific strategies: learn from the world’s leading community experts
  3. Connect: network with hundreds of community professionals
  4. Insight Into the Future: Gain a deeper understanding of the direction community strategy
  5. Leading Technology: Discover and experience technology that will help you build a thriving community
  6. Tactical Insights: Walk away with tactics you can use to build your community strategy.
  7. Us! @JoeC@LouisP@DeniseJ and I are attending, plus Louis will be holding a workshop. Need I say more? Smiley Happy


In addition, as a sponsor, we’re offering a discount for the first 25 people that sign up! Use 'LithiumGuest' for 15% off the General Admission Summit ticket.


So will you be joining us at CMX Summit? Let us know!


We’ll also be giving a sneak peek into Louis’ workshop, so stay tuned!