A View from the Social CRM Virtual Summit Control Center

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

vscrm_logo_sample.pngOn November 11th, over 1200 people gathered online, chatted, listened, discussed, learned and lived Social CRM, in the first ever Social CRM Virtual Summit.


In the last couple of weeks we have talked a lot about the event, on our site, on Lithosphere, on Twitter and through EDMs, and a lot of people listened, with just under 60% of people who registered came through the event, and stayed for an incredible average of two hours each.


plaza.pngI’d like to think it’s easy to understand why.


The only barrier to attending is time. There’s no travel or expense, you don’t have to leave the office, you could even attend from home in your pajamas if you happen to be struck with the flu (like so many people right now).


If you get to take away a couple of good connections, some sound advice or even get some insight from industry leaders, then it’s definitely worth the investment in your day.


booth.pngPaul Greenberg (56 Group), Mike Fauscette (IDC), Brent Leary (CRM Essentials), Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang (Altimeter), Kevin Ryan (Barnes & Noble), Bill Johnston (Forum One) and Lithium’s own Chief Community Officer, Joe Cothrel all presented giving insight, anecdotes and advice.


Not only that, you could chat with those experts like Bill, Joe, and Kevin, or the Queen of Social CRM-Dr Natalie Petouhoff (Forrester), as well as practitioners living all aspects of Social CRM from Lenovo, Best Buy, Redfin, Juniper Networks, National Instruments, T-Mobile and our own Lithium experts and executives in the networking lounge or in one of the 18 scheduled chats through the day.


sCRMvSummitCmdCtr_CR1004sml.jpgIt was a mammoth day, and is something never seen before in this space… more than 1200 people, 1800 webcasts viewed, 1200 messages private messages sent, 3400 documents downloaded and nearly 250 scheduled chat sessions. It was truly a virtual version of a conference – just take a look at the Twitter tag for the day ‘#vsrcm’.


Events like this don’t happen overnight, and the list of hardworking people from our company, our partners, sponsors and customers is very long and distinguished – and then there

were those who sat in the command center at Lithium for 12
hours directing the event like something from the Apollo missions (well maybe not, but you get my drift).


If you missed it, the material will be available ‘on demand’ from later this week (and we’ll let you know when it is) and it’ll be available for about 6 months, so you have every opportunity to get listen to the webcasts and get the collateral.


Thanks to everyone for making this such an incredible event, I can’t wait for the 2nd Annual Social CRM Virtual Summit….





In the Pictures:


Top - (clockwise from top) Haresh Kumar, Dan

Ziman, Paul Gilliham, Manjeera Patnaikuni, Phil Soffer, Patrick Riley's leg, Ingrid Stabb, Ei-Lun Tsai.


Middle - Apollo Mission Control Center (Apollo 11, July 20, 1969 -

Bottom - (clockwise from top) Dan Ziman, Paul Gilliham, Matt Thomson, Phil Soffer, Patrick Riley, Ingrid Stabb, Marlene Verdile, Ei-Lun Tsai, Haresh Kumar.


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