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A love story: When Sales and Marketing Get Aligned

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Lithium’s own Dayle Hall @DayleH, SVP of Marketing, teamed up with Bernie Borges, @BernieB, CMO of Vengreso, and recorded a 5-episode podcast series to help you cultivate a more focused marketing strategy in the world of B2B. These podcast episodes are under 20 minutes each; a snackable audio track you can listen to whenever you please!


In this podcast series, you’ve learned how to be a better marketer, how to better use social media management tools, and how to deliver awesome digital CX. The fifth episode in this series outlines the magic that happens when you implement B2B content marketing strategies for sales effectively.


GoDaddy is a perfect example of a company that integrate customer service representatives into a marketing role. Here are some examples of how they do it:

  • Encourage employees to create their own personal brand
  • Instills confidence in their employees to have a positive impact on the GoDaddy brand
  • Recognize that sales and marketing alignment can lead to a new kind of successs


You can be effective too, by educating your employees on how to align marketing and sales closely. 4 key sales and marketing alignment takeaways are:

  • Start with the c-suite
  • Develop content strategy with help from sales
  • Make it easy for sales to participate
  • Share data


That’s a wrap for this podcast series! Keep in mind that improvement is always needed so don’t wait to get started! Some action items to get you going are to check your mindset, find the right person to analyze data in your company, take a look at the digital CX you competitors are providing and measure social interactions the way you measure your marketing efforts.


We hope that this info was helpful to you to thrive in the B2B marketing world! Until next time.


Download the journal that summarizes the entire series.