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Advice for corporate bloggers

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

 In a blog usually devoted to issues related to technical writing, Tom Johnson (I'd Rather be Writing) has some interesting and unusual advice for people who write for corporate blogs. 


"If you’re starting a corporate blog, you’d be well off with a little mommy blogger training to break you in. After living with a mommy blogger, you’ll more naturally embrace transparency, skip any attempts at censorship, and become accustomed to the occasional distorted portrayal of what you say and do."


Although living with a mommy blogger may not be feasible for everyone, Tim's further advice for corporate bloggers is spot on.


"Corporate bloggers, listen up. When you embrace transparency and write with an honest voice, at times people will take jabs at you. They will quote you — sometimes out of context. They may portray you in ways that make you cringe. Don’t go ballistic. Allow people to have the views they do, without letting your stomach twist into knots. It all passes like water under a bridge anyway." 


In my travels across the blogosphere I've come across the same advice in a variety of forms, but it always boils down to the same thing: if you're writing a corporate blog you have to keep it honest. It may not be comfortable, but don't count on being able to get away for long with anything else. 


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