Advice to New Bloggers

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Getting started.jpgI'm always on the lookout in our organization for folks with something interesting to say, and finding the best ways for them to get it out to the community. And of course blogging is part of that strategy.

I've found that there are quite a few who are interested in blogging, but they just don't know where to begin. If you just look at all the different blogs out there today, you can see all kinds of ways newcomers can get lost. And so I'm often dispensing advice on ways to help them get started in building their own voice.

A few of my favorite starters:

  • Come up with a short title and one line description on what you would like to talk about. The goal is to focus on what you want to blog about. Then you can see if this is something members of the community are also interested in discussing.
  • Pace yourself. You don't have to write everything you think at once, this isn't a whitepaper or a book. Think of an article as just one point of a larger discussion and keep it simple and straightforward. Because blogging is ongoing you have an opportunity to build up your points over time. Take advantage of that to create for yourself a stockpile of things to talk about next.
  • Write something. It's trite, but blogging is about writing - if you aren't writing, you're not blogging (unless your podcasting and video blogging, but the essence is the same). Get those thoughts down somewhere to start practicing before you launch yourself into the limelight. Then share what you've written with others who can give you some honest and nurturing feedback to improve.


What are the things you learned that you'd like to pass on to future bloggers?



Photo by Claudia Snell