All the LiNC '14 Winners: Lithys, Hackathon, and Lithium Stars

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We saved the best for last at LiNC '14: the Lithium Awards (known to us as the "Lithys"), which highlight the amazing achievements Lithium customers are attaining for their companies. For me, this is always the richest part of LiNC—seeing what our customers have accomplished. It’s a really important moment for all of us to recognize and celebrate them. And with more than 60 Lithys entries spanning 11 countries, there was a lot to applaud this year. With the assistance of guest judge R "Ray" Wang of Constellation Research, we were able to independently verify the standouts amid a crowded and highly accomplished field. Here are all the winners from this year's conference, and their biggest achievements.


The Lithys

lithosphere-LiNC-badges-savings.pngSupport Savings MVP: When it comes to cost savings, Telefónica Movistar is hard to beat. It boasts an enviable NPS score of 76, yet managed to save a jaw-dropping $13.6 million in call center deflection in 2013 alone. 


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-satisfaction.pngExcellence in Customer Satisfaction: Telus works overtime to ensure customers get what they need, thanks to its combined use of Community and LSW. With an an average Twitter response time of 25 minutes, it's no surprise they've notched an NPS of 77. 


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-innovator.pngLithium Platform Innovator: Barclaycard's Travel community uses a variety of functionalities, plus a drop-dead gorgeous design, to change the way people talk about travel online. From gamification to Google Maps integration, everything is thought through.


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-design.pngBest Community Design: K2, one of Lithium's newest communities, has already impressed with its elegant mobile app and search-centric interface. Keep up the great work!


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-gamechanger.pngThe Organization Game Changer: As a Winter Olympics sponsor, Comcast knew it was set to witness a major surge in volume. Using LSW and Community metrics, the Comcast team was able to make the case for additional agents, ensuring gold-medal response times throughout the Olympic Games. 


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-strategy.pngDigital Strategy Leader: Telstra's community-centric strategy touches 25% of Australia's population, revolutionizing how it communicates with customers about everything from new handset launches to product exits. 


lithosphere-LiNC-badges-creativelaunch.pngMost Creative Promotion or Launch: One of the most competitive categories this year, this prize ultimately went to Fox Sports Australia, which launched with 14 different executions across 30 touchpoints and exceeded all KPIs for its sports-centric community, The Crowd. 


Other Awards

linc14-awards-hackathon-90d.pngOur Hackathon, sponsored by Persistent Systems, drew 25 stellar participants from around the world, spread across 9 teams.

- 90 Degrees (Marc Zimmerman, Ramun Berger, Claudius Henrichs, Gino Esposito) was the overall winner, and also took home the award for Best Community Customization.
- AKP (Mark Potterf, Rebecca Hathaway, Michael Kilgore, Michael Wong) won for Best Use of the API v2
- Lithiumtegration (Eric Broyles, Luis Garcia) took the award for Best Community Integration.


Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff recognized three CEO Regional Stars from different Lithium regions: AT&T (North America), which increased monthly average solutions by 53%; Cortal Consors (Europe), which saw a 63% growth in visitors; and StarHub (APAC), which has used community specialization to support groups ranging from women to movie buffs. It's proof that no matter where you're based, you can effect real change. 


And of course, none of this would be possible without our Lithium Stars, who work so hard to offer advice and solutions to their peers in the Lithium Community, and our top advocates, who offered more than 100 references in 2013 alone. For me, the saddest part is that many of these people are not recognized within their organizations for the enormous change they create and the value they deliver. On behalf of the entire Lithium team, I'm so honored to be able to promote, share, and champion their amazing work.




Congratulations to all of the Lithy honorees, nominees, and participants. We can't wait to see what you're working on for LiNC '15!


If you are a customer, partner or attended the event, you can watch the recording of this session on demand.


Photography: Arnaud Lerondeau ( @ArnaudL ) & Richard Morgenstein

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Congrats to all the winners and in particular to the hackaton 90 Degrees team! Big kudos to all the participants! 

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