Announcing Our Contest Winners (and a special surprise!)

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We celebrated our community's 7th anniversary recently, with a contest, video, and looking back at some milestones. Here are our contest winners (keep reading for a special surprise...)


We loved reading each one of your contest entries, and our smiles got bigger and bigger throughout the week as entries came in! We were so impressed by the many creative entries, but two stood above the rest...


Congratulations @ArturF for winning first place with his rap, and to @Mark_Hopkins for coming in a close second with his plasma-cut masterpiece! We'll be contacting you via PM regarding your prizes.


And on that note, I was so inspired by all your creative entries that I decided to write my own. Some of you may know that I have a penchant for writing raps, so here's my tribute to the community and to each one of YOU!


Now, this is a story all about how
Lithium turned my life completely upside down.
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll share why I love this community right here


Starting from the people behind the scenes
@KatyK@JoeC@DayleH and @RichRe
Of course there's @AndyK and the awesome mod crew
So much love for each one, what’s a CM to do?
But keep expressing my gratitude for every single one
Like @EricHs@JaredC and the amazing @Ei-LunY
This team is great, there’s no doubt about it
From Support to Product, they’re all legit Smiley Very Happy


And then there are the Lithium Stars,
To answer questions and help innovate, they go far.
I’m honored to have met so many of them
At past LiNCs…each one is truly a gem.


Last but not least, for every one of you here,
A huge THANK YOU for you’re each so dear.
Your posts and insights
Make the community bright.
So here’s to 7 and to building more trust and delight!

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YAAAY!!! Thank you so much for the recognition! Many people made such funny and great entries, I can only imagine how tough it was to decide. 


Congratulations to @Mark_Hopkins too! 


@JennC, this a such a nice creation! You should do like me and record a video while singing your rap! =P 



Honored Contributor

Well done guys.. Have to say @Mark_Hopkins the plasma cut sign WOW very impressive!! Being a geek i really liked that :)

Honored Contributor

Congratulations to @ArturF and @Mark_Hopkins. Great compilation @JennC, as always :)

Respected Contributor

Congrats @ArturF and @Mark_Hopkins, well deserved!!


You may just need to have a rap contest next, @JennC ;)

Regular Commentator

Absolutely, Julie! @JulieHamel


I'm ready to battle! Smiley Tongue

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