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Are brands falling behind in social?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Everyone always hears me tout how brands must engage, connect and understand customers in order to reap the benefits of social.


So, imagine my surprise when I read the results of our new study of 85 brands across 8 verticals that found most brands are failing to truly engage.


We found that most brands are stuck in broadcast mode, leaving customer posts unanswered, and are not engaging customers across all the right digital channels.


In fact, the State of Social Engagement 2016 study found that:

  • 95% of brands’ social strategies are stuck in antiquated “broadcast” mode
  • Only 2% of brands consistently respond to their customers’ online posts
  • Less than 40% of brands ever ask questions of their followers or engage with follower content


The good news is that the study helped us identify 6 Key Findings on what brands need to do now to stay ahead.


Download The State of Social Engagement study to read the 6 key findings and see how you stack up against competitors and your industry.








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