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Atlas Updates, November 2019

Retired Community Manager

We will begin sharing monthly updates of new features and changes made to Atlas. Comment below if you have any questions or feedback! 



Fixes: Open/Close TKB category menu 

Fixed the issue where you can’t close the TKB category menus after you open them. 

Fixes: Fix side rail components on topic and blog article 

The side rail components for Topic and Blog article pages are now loading correctly. 



New: Upgrade to 19.10 

Upgraded Atlas to 19.10 on November 14th. 

New: Vanity URLs for Product Coaching and Atlas 

The following URLs are now available:


New: Created new TKB node for CRM integration  

New TKB was created for the CRM Integration within the Khoros Care category. 



Updates: Updated Case Portal field descriptions 

Updated the outdated Case Portal field descriptions. 

Updates: Updated outgoing email domain 

Updated outgoing email domain to



Archives: Archived JX customer ideas 

Archived the JX Ideas Exchange, for more information, read the latest post Why now? about JX migration.  

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