Baby, It's Cold Outside — Lithium Social Web Updates for Winter 2013

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Successful customer support strategies rarely succeed in walled-off gardens.  They thrive when your teams can engage directly on social channels and drive traffic back to your community where passionate fans and experts reside.  In the Winter 2013 release of Lithium Social Web, we've deepened our support for Lithium Communities and added even more automation so agents spend less time wading through "noise" and more time solving issues. 


Take a look at what we've been working on lately.


Deeper Communities Integration


Mark as "Accepted Solution"

Engaging with customers takes many forms and many channels.  Lithium Social Web gives your social agents the flexibility to interact with customers in one application -- however they want, regardless of channel. In the Winter 2013 release, we've deepened the Lithium Communities integration.  Agents can mark responses as "Accepted Solutions" directly within Lithium Social Web — without ever leaving the agent console.  


And we didn't stop there. Whenever a post is marked as an Accepted Solution, Lithium Social Web automatically applies a post tag to that conversation thread so supervisors and managers can easily report on the content.  You can even apply your own content tags for later analysis. Or let Lithium Social Web automatically apply content, language and source tags to save time and speed productivity.  


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Rich-Text Editor

Community users like their posts to stand out with unique formatting. Who can blame them? Lithium Social Web preserves the formatting of incoming posts and displays photos inline for easy agent viewing.  Agents now have the ability to reply to community posts using a rich-text editor, including link shorteners, paste from Word tools, and embedded hyperlink options.


Related Conversations

We've discovered that once you service customers to their satisfaction, they'll come back for more.  And customers like to contact companies across multiple social channels. And often at the same time. No worries.  In Winter 2013, the Related Conversation Notification alerts agents of the number of other open conversations across social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Lithium Communities.  This gives agents real-time alerts to other issues the customer may be experiencing on other social channels and can help standardize agent responses.


                     Related Conversation_Shadow.png


Author Unification

We help your agent keep track of customers social handles within Lithium Social Web.  Lithium Social Web detects previous customer conversations across Twitter, Facebook and communities, and merges the conversations into one user profile for easy agent access.  If you have CRM, we can even send those conversations directly to the contact record so others can benefit from the knowledge.


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Customized Workflow

Snoozing is one of the most popular features in Lithium Social Web. It allows agents to "snooze" a post for a pre-determined time period so the agent can do research, contact an expert or wait for the community to solve the issue.  With Winter 2013, administrators can customize how posts coming out of a "snooze" state behave.  They can go back to the original agent or be placed back into the workgroup queue. It's your admin's call.


Publishing Enhancements

A key to proactive support is anticipating your customers' needs before they contact you.  With the Publishing feature, authorized agents can post pictures, links and text on social channels, or schedule them for a future day and time.  After the post is live, users can track social metrics to understand how the message was received.  In Winter 2013, we've added a drag and drop feature that makes uploading content ever faster. Just drag content from a folder or desktop into the Lithium Social Web compose panel and you're set.




Want to see more?

If you're interested in learning more about Lithium Social Web or have questions about your overall social support strategy, we'd love to chat with you. Join us for the Lithium Social Web product deep dive on February 26.  We'll have product experts hosting a live product demo and we'll cover some exciting customer success stories.  


Hope to see you online!




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