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Building Blogging Momentum

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

So, you found some experts and after some coaxing they were willing to give blogging a try. Well done! But now you face a new problem: how do you keep new articles flowing?


The first thing to remember is that a blogger is also a super user. They are a small contigent of people who contribute the majority of content in your community. The only difference is that you have given these folks a soapbox of their own. And like super users, you need to carefully nurture them and help them grow by making sure their needs are fulfilled:


    • Recognize: Give them a rank or title that recognizes the expertise they bring to the community. And when they publish a new article let everyone know how great it was. They are a valuable voice - make sure the community knows it!


    • Engage: Bloggers and super users need to know they are heard and appreciated, just like everyone else. No one wants to speak to an empty room. Help them out by commenting on their blogs or encouraging others to do so - other bloggers, team members, their bosses, their peers, super users, community members, or anyone else involved! Make it a team effort!


    • Explain the personal benefits: Let the bloggers know that this is an opportunity for them to network and improve their personal brand and their career. Your community and organization stands to benefit from their contributions; explain how they can benefit personally as well.


  • Promote: Welcome new bloggers to the community and help existing bloggers expand their audience. Read their articles and cite them both in the community and in other social media venues for all to see. Help them register in blog networks like Technorati. Mention them in newsletters. synicate their content to your other web sites. Get the word out! After all, their success is your success so do all you can to help them get there!


You can't stop helping your bloggers once you get them started. Blogging is tough enough, so don't make your bloggers go it alone.


If you are a blogger, what keeps you going? Any tips or tricks you can share?