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Commitment to Service

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Next up on stage was a very special guest who flew all the way from San Antonio, TX to join us in Sydney – USAA’s AVP of Social Business, Michael Dones.


Since the USAA caters specifically to members of the United States Armed Forces, Dones started his presentation with a quick overview of the brand to get  this primarily ANZ-based audience on the same page. “Service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity are core to the USAA brand,” said Dones. “We aim to offer value through every interaction our members have with our brand, regardless of the channel.”


FUN FACT: USAA invented mobile check depositing technology, the first financial services brand to offer that service to customers via their iPhone app in 2009.


To deliver on this promise of offering value through every interaction, Dones underscored the importance of creating “frictionless interactions” with customers via technology or, otherwise stated, digital customer experience that are easy, effective, and deeply personal. In fact, USAA is a deep believer that every digital moment counts. And knowing that their members use and rely on their mobile phones to interact with the brand more than ever before, they’ve made it a priority to enhance the social capabilities of the business to better understand, connect, and deliver for members in real-time, at all times. (To see how they do this, check out the slide with the “bowtie” customer experience two-sided funnel below.)


Lastly, Dones discussed the importance of USAA’s member community – an active community of 400K+ members strong that creates a constant feedback loop for the business. “Members are at the center of all digital customer experience decisions,” said Dones. “Doesn’t matter who gets the credit for the experiences we create because the customer is the most important part of any decision we make.” For USAA, listening to the community has been one of the most direct ways in which the company has been able to invest feedback into the business, creating content, products, and services that ultimately meet the wants, needs, and expectations of their members. This is just one of many reasons why USAA has been so successful in reducing average social response time from 105 minutes to 19 minutes in less than one year!


The team at Lithium has always believed that when the customer is at the heart of all business decisions, good things happen. USAA’s digital transformation story is proof of that.


Check out Michael Dones' presentation below:


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