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Community Management in retrospect: An Alumni Story

Khoros Staff

What is the coolest part about community management life?


At first, you land into Community Management wondering how to filter the important things in the noise. Retrospectively, it was normal to feel shy at the beginning; improving knowledge about a company’s product and services boosts a customer’s confidence in your brand and makes room for peer engagement. The coolest part is when the organization recognizes the value of the input brought by the community users, and when the customer is satisfied with the overall experience. Having a positive footprint on the customers journey was rewarding for the whole team.


What was your experience like being Hero?

Being a Hero served as recognition of the continuous effort to put customers’ voice in in front of all departments and levels in the company. A reward for being the ambassador of the customers among the company, the effort put forth to get the best synergy compatible with the organization, oriented to the interest of the customer.


What’s your role going to be at Lithium?

Becoming a Social Solutions Consultant at Lithium, I am given the opportunity to be part of a dedicated team available to help companies apply and develop the best practices within their groups. Companies will be able to access the proper tools as Community Managers to get up to speed with how to best service their customers.


What are you most excited about doing at Lithium? What does the first 90 days look like?

The most exciting thing is the people you can meet; everybody is welcoming and eager to help. This cooperative spirit creates a great dynamic to get the best onboarding you can imagine. The first 90 days looks like a lot of time studying and observing the state of the art in order to be at the best level to perform for our customers. In the end, we are planting the seeds that will allow to our customers to flourish into vivid and dynamic communities. The more you learn, the more you see how vast the playing field is.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I love reading sci-fi novels (Asimov is my favorite author), and meetings friends in multilingual groups. I draw cartoons sometimes, depending my mood. Living in a home close to Paris means I am always renovating something; DIY becomes a second nature. My former life led me to possess a couple of drones that I fly sometimes when the weather is OK. Here are a couple of links shot with a drone.




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