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Community Settings and Features for Crisis Management

Khoros Staff

During a time of crisis, whether it be global or brand-focused, it is important to continue to be communicative with the members of your community as well as your employees. A brand’s community is the best way to help your people help each other, and can substantially ease the load on other digital channels. 

Product Coaching is here to help guide you through some out-of-the-box Khoros Communities features and functionality to best manage the success of your Community during a time of crisis.  Click here to sign up for your complimentary, 1:1 Product Coaching session.

Below are some of the features to consider utilizing for Crisis Management, which we can cover in more detail during your 1:1 coaching session:


  • Signatures > help drive members to a specific topic/article/area where relevant crisis information can be read.
  • Macros > inserting predefined response(s) related to the crisis in community or private message replies to your members will help create efficiencies amongst your moderators.
  • Search Subscriptions > Showcase to your community members the benefit of subscribing to a search term, in a most recent example, members could subscribe to “coronavirus” and get notified when there are new search results for that term.


  • Announcements > these can be scoped to lower nodes
  • Featured Threads > allow you to get maximum visibility for the most important crisis-related community content
  • Polls > gather community sentiment/opinions related to the crisis
  • Promoted Search > help users more easily find relevant articles related to the crisis
  • Custom Components > use these to share externally hosted videos/live stream recordings
  • Tags > give your Moderators and Superusers the ability to help tag content related to the crisis with a set of predefined tags. 
  • Content Filters > help identify and monitor the use of a set of words related to the crisis
  • Group Hubs > centralize crisis communication in one area, including announcements, updates, and conversations 


  • Private Categories or Hidden Group Hubs > Don’t forget about your employees. Give them a private area or internal community to visit and read about recent updates, company policies, and employee guidelines, while also giving them a space to communicate amongst each other. 
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