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Congratulations to Brandwatch's Top Brands in CX!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

This year, Brandwatch complied a new report that took a look at which brands are delivering the best customer experience — and we’re excited that some of our customers were included! Customer experience encapsulates each unique feeling a customer has about a brand. Ultimately, every new campaign launched by a marketing team, product release, store opening, and investment made in a brand is done to improve these sentiments.


Brandwatch used social listening to gauge how customers felt about brands, factoring in how many of these people were ready to purchase from a brand, paired with how responsive these brands were on social media. Overall, this report analyzed 10 million online conversations across 220 brands in total.


We’re so proud to have some of our customers among the highly ranked brands! Congrats to:



  • The #1 brand for the best CX (ranked out of 100)
    • On Twitter, they consistently responded to at least 5% of the thousands of @mentions they get a week, and replied quicker than all but 1 other brand looked at by Brandwatch (on average 3.5 minutes response time).
  • Ranked #5 of the most wanted brands (out of 25)
  • Ranked #2 of the brands quickest to respond (out of 25)
  • The #1 brand for of the “25 most wanted” brands, with the most volume of purchase-intent conversations of those ranked 


  • Ranked #4 of the most wanted brands (out of 25) 


  • Ranked #6 for the best brands for CX (out of 100) 


  • Ranked #5 of the most responsive brands (out of 25)


  • Ranked #9 of the most wanted brands (out of 25)
  • Ranked #8 of the most responsive brands (out of 25)


Congrats again to these winning, customer-centric brands!