Congratulations to June's Top Contributors

Khoros Guru

June has been another excellent month for the Lithium Community, and once again, we're here to celebrate our top contributors for the month of June, and recognize all of the help, positivity, and overall useful content they have offered everyone.


We're especially happy to welcome back @Fellsteruk to the top of the leaderboard. @VarunGrazitti received a stunning amount of kudos thanks to the contributions made in the Developer Discussion area. And finally, rounding off our list is @JasonHill for some excellent product ideas and for assisting other community members.




And not only did @VarunGrazitti make the top 3, he also contributed the most solutions last month. Congrats!




As always, thank you so much everyone for keeping the Lithium Community a wonderful place to gather and collaborate.


We'll see you next month!