Congratulations to May's Top Contributors!

Khoros Guru

While LiNC'14 has passed, we still have plenty to celebrate, including our top contributors for the month of May! We would of course like to thank all Lithium Community members for offering insight, ideas, or just overall great content to help keep our community outstanding. These three especially went above and beyond with their contributions and received the most Kudos last month:


Congratulations to @jchen for making a huge splash this month with her contributions to the LiNC Event Group, @ambigram0 for two very well received ideas, and @SusanCinadr for her wonderful LiNC photos and overall participation! 


Without further ado, our top contributors are:



We would also like to congratulate our community member with the most replies in the month of May, @jchen! And honorable mentions for @lolagoetz and @grazitti who followed closely behind.




We were happy to see so many community members at LiNC, and we can't wait to see the contributions everyone will make in the month of June!

Honored Contributor

Well done guys keep up the great work 🙂 

Honored Contributor

Yay! I was always wondering if I'd make it...the day/month finally came! 

Honored Contributor

@jchen 1st of many I am sure 🙂 

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Honored Contributor

Thanks, @Fellsteruk and @ebroyles !

Honored Contributor

Thanks @ebroyles 

Honored Contributor

Wohoo. Congrats on the top spots guys. Well deserved. Smiley Very Happy

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Thanks for the honorable mention!