Congratulations to November's Top Contributors!

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We recently celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US, and there's much we have to be thankful for! From the delcious food we enjoyed, to our friends, family and loved ones, there's so much that I am grateful for each day. Looking back at the month of November, I also want to thank our top contributors for the month.




In November, @JasonHill led the pack. Jason always has ideas on how to improve the Lithium community and contributes each one to our Idea Exchange. Check out his idea on analytics for product mentions!


Next up, @Claudius has also been a great help on the Lithium community, and contributed this idea as an enhancement to our recent reason notification feature!


Lastly, congrats to @BrianOblinger, a newbie on the Top Contributors board but definitely not on the Lithium community! Brian is always quick to jump in and help others on the community, particularly on the Strategy & Best Practices board.



And we definitely can't forget about the top blog in November. Have you seen @DayleH's LiNC Manifesto? If not, be sure to take a look. LiNC isn't until June 2016, but it's never too early to start planning! 


Thanks, @JennC! Congrats to @JasonHill and @Claudius as well - they're hard to keep up with! Smiley Happy

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Many thanks for the kudos @JennC.


A great enhancement request from @Claudius - I'm sure the dev team will want to implement that ASAP to improve the product notifications feature. 


And I always learn something from @BrianOblinger's posts - good work Brian. 



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Congratulations @JasonHill @BrianOblinger @Claudius, good work guys.

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Thanks for the recognition. I hope the added visibility for the idea helps unlocking the full potential of that feature enhancement.

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Congrats Guys 🙂 

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