Congratulations to October's Top Contributors!

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At the start of every month, we get the amazing privilege of looking back at what happened the previous month, including top contributors and discussions! This month, we're excited to recognize our top contributors for October. @JasonHill, particularly for his contribution to the Strategy & Best Practices board, @Claudius for his assistance in the Developers Discussion and @PerBonomi for bringing up Google's new verification in this idea.


Lastly, we love this post from @ReneAvon celebrating the community's first anniversary. As we all reach different milestones in each of our communities, definitely share them here on the Lithium community so we can celebrate together!

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Congratulations everyone,well deserved. 

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There was some great discussions this month. Thanks to all contributors. You learn something every day around here. 



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You guys are on a roll!!

Congratulations! 🙂

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Woop, woop. Thanks for the recognition and kudos to everyone on the leaderboard. There were some really good idea discussions and exchange about how to launch a community last month indeed.