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Customer Ideation Updates

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We love active customers who help make our products better – after all, customer engagement is what Lithium is all about.


ideaexchange.pngIn the Products group, we use a variety of methods to collaborate with you, our customers, and today I’d like to provide an update on one of the ways this relationship is cultivated: our Ideas exchange. This area is a key piece of the Lithium Community – the place where you discuss and ideate with each other and with us on our product offerings -- and we want to make sure were continuously improving the process.


As a result, were making some updates to how we manage customer ideation at Lithium, starting with how we solicit ideas all the way through to how we select and implement top ideas.


The updates cover several areas:


number_1.pngIdea evaluation criteria update – we’ve updated the criteria by which we evaluate all ideas that are submitted to us and we’ve condensed the labels (categories) that we use to classify and organize the submissions.


number_2.pngMajor backlog cleanup – we’ve implemented a large number of your ideas (at least 60 in the last year, supported by around 500 kudos) and yet we’ll always have a growing backlog of unaddressed ideas. We'll be going through the backlog to set or reset dispositions using our updated criteria.

Some of your ideas are candidates for implementation and some are simply no longer relevant or not feasible for us to implement. Many ideas will be closed and updated with the Archived status given the age and relevance of so many of them. 


number_3.pngLabel (categories) assignments - along with the consolidation of labels, we’ve established more formal workflows to help manage the process by which we review ideas. All of this is meant to make the collaborative idea management process we do with you as integrated as possible with our current product development activities. 


We look forward to this next evolution of our ideation activities. We want our community to become a best in class idea exchange that will not only bring us new innovations but also give you the satisfaction of co-creating with us as we move even further ahead in the marketplace. 

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