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Customer Success Spotlight: Kriti Kapoor (HP)

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


With 100 million visits to their technical support forum sites every year and more than 100,000 interactions each month on social channels across 170 countries, HP is a true pioneer in using social media and communities to provide global customer support. We sat down with Kriti Kapoor, Global Director, Social Customer Care at HP Inc, to gain insights into how they manage their digital platforms and what they are learning as they mature their social customer care model.


Why did you start social customer care?
Back in 2008, customers were going to non-HP forums to get advice and solve their problems. We thought: why not create a community where we bring them back to HP and have our own experts solve their problems?


What is key to HP’s success in using social for support?
First, we believe it is important to follow the customer to inform our strategy; that is paramount. We have a three part strategy that drives our success. One, we listen. We pay attention to the conversations and feedback on social channels, how these channels are used, and we understand that each channel is used to meet different customer needs. Consequently, we do not expect the same NPS across all channels. Second, we engage. We have peer-to-peer support and dedicated social agents who ensure that questions are answered or routed to the right expert within certain SLAs. Thirdly, we learn and share within the organization. We use text mining, voice of customer surveys, Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI) and executive reporting to learn and feed what we learn back into product development and our customer care strategy. We have also had positive results from using the Lithium Monitor Wall to provide visibility within the organization as to what our customers are saying on social and to the difference our social customer care teams make each day in our customers’ lives.


What do you base your business case on for social customer support?
Effectiveness: social agents handle 40% more customer cases than our phone agents. Expediency: we have found social to be three times faster than chat and two times faster than phone. Lastly, economics: industry data suggests on average $1 spend/social vs $6/phone in customer care. We have built our own financial ROI at HP, making this relevant for each geography we serve and the languages we support globally.


What is a typical day on the job like?
Each day is unpredictable in terms of the kind of questions customers have, sometimes it’s service experiences that didn’t work, rants on Twitter that go viral, and most often about technical support queries that require deep expertise. For me personally, I spend a large amount of time working with a broad array of stakeholders across the organization-- this includes IT, marketing, product development, other customer support functions etc. We provide feedback on what we are hearing on social channels, and our collective focus is to make ensure we deliver the best customer experience possible. Overall, it’s definitely an unpredictable and extremely rewarding day.


What are your top three tips for managing a global social customer care team?
To be engaged, to listen to your customers but also to your team, and to stay ahead of trends – understand key shifts in the market and industry, the channels customers are moving towards and learn which technology solutions can help our customers globally.



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