Disrupting Real Estate: Redfin featured on Press Here

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Lithium customer Redfin has introduced a new way to buy or sell a house.  Interviewed on NBC Bay Area's Press Here, CEO Glenn Kelman asks, "What if instead of commissions, agents were paid based on customer satisfaction scores?"  Redfin's agent page says, "We Give You the Whole Story: We survey every client, whether a deal closes or not, and pay 

redfin.jpgour agents based on those reviews. To see all the reviews—the good, the bad, the ugly—click the agent's name below."  


This is, in a word, disruptive and disruptive technology is exciting stuff.  It is how we move forward, break free from old technologies and deliberately ignore discomfort of something new.  When it comes to real estate transactions, a massive industry has been built on commissions and paperwork.  The customer experience can feel difficult and confusing - this is an industry that was begging for disruption.


When brands become disruptive, it is not without risk. Customers need to know that the new way is a better way, providing a better experience.  Redfin put a lot of value on authenticity and trust.  They didn't just promise a better way, they have set up a peer-to-peer community to demonstrate that they deliver on that promise, over and over again.


We're proud to be part of Redfin's story and helping their customers find a new way to buy and sell their homes.  Check out the interview with Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman below.  




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