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I saw a shirt the other day that said in bold white letters, "Nobody reads your blog".  The phrase was peeking out from underneath a corduroy blazer,worn by a scruffy looking fellow.  In San Francisco, you see these types pretty regularly.  Creative, a little brash, and usually pretty jaded on what everybody (that is up to date) calls the web 2.0 world.  It is likely that he is a veteran of the dot-bomb era, and probably has had a subscription to Wired since 1992.  I had to laugh.


It was no small comfort at the time of my chortle, that I, Jake (one of the OG Customer SuccessManagers here at Lithium), had no blog.  But that changed a few weeks ago when Lithium asked me to start keeping one.  They said that “I was made to blog”.  When I repeated that back to my Dad (feeling a bit of pride), he quite proudly beamed back, "whats a blog"?  If the shirt fits...


So after describing what a blog was to my un-tech savvy Father, he replied with, "so you could be like Mike Royko, and have a column?”  Well, Dad, we cant all be astronauts, can we?


For those of you that might want to keep up with my “column”, you’ll find that I’m not going to be the typical Silicon Valley blogger software industry guy.  This may, or may not, get me into trouble and/or result in me being less popular than those guys and gals.  That’s ok.  I had the same problem in high school.  I’m old-school unpopular.  My Trapper Keeper had AC/DC scrawled on it,not new kids on the block.


Speaking of which,what happened here –


Though it might bring me great pleasure to throw stones at the message board software running that thing, I am hardwired to never say anything bad about AC/DC at any time.


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