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From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Management

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Crowdsourcing is the process of leveraging the many to achieve what was once the domain of a very specialized few. It's a new and hugely efficient for matching talent and knowledge with those who need it. It's a novel opportunity for business to realize off-the-chart scale - especially when it comes to knowledge management. Turns out, creating, codifying and making knowledge easy to find is one of the things the crowd does very, very well.

Find out how top brands like HP and Lenovo are saving tens of millions by tapping the crowd for product knowledge and solutions—and scaling their support functions by many fold in the process in this new whitepaper from Lithium:


Whitepaper: From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Management  Tweet this!


You can also tune into a recent webcast we held on the topic with guest speakers Mark Hopkins of Lenovo, and Jeff Howe, the man who coined the term crowdsourcing in Wired Magazine:


On-demand webcast: From Crowdsourcing to Knowledge Management  Tweet this!


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