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Gamification Strategy Workshop

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Earlier this year we began offering full-day intensive Gamification Strategy workshops for our customers who have purchased the Lithium Premium Gamification product.


We framed our workshop content around the point of view that today’s social businesses face major problems around customer motivation and engagement. Gamification, or the incorporation of game attributes into a non-game context to drive game-like player behavior, provides an opportunity to help brands solve these difficult problems.


workshop_group.pngApplying a strategic planning lens to this workshop, the Strategy Consulting group began with the goal of understand how gamification can be leveraged for business. Going into each session our goal has been to help our customers better understand what gamification is, how it works and whether it will work for us, all from a Science of Social perspective.


This workshop addresses all three questions – what is it, how it functions within branded communities, and which strategies and tactics we should deploy when designing a game for our customers – while exploring both the potential benefits and pitfalls of gamification.


These  workshops continue to receive great participation from our customers across various groups inside the business including customer support, CRM, UI/UX, Biz Dev, Marketing and Operations.


The agenda is as follows:

  •       100: the basics
  •       101: why gamification works – mechanics
  •       102: why gamification works – psychology & motivation
  •       200: how gamification drives business value
  •       201: key initiatives for communities
  •       202: design guideline for communities
  •       300: define your “end game”
  •       301: lithium gamification planning canvas
  •       302: High-level deployment timeline


Feedback we have received on these workshops is that attendees felt the content was engaging, highly relevant and a good mix of theory and practice. Folks were asking many questions and challenging others in the room during the exercises intermixed with games to keep the room active.  Nearly all of our customers gave us high marks on the gamification planning canvas exercise where we built a gameplan based on the theory and practice sections.



Actual Customer Quotes:

Which part of the workshop did you find most useful?

All of it! Great background on the process, great granularity in the end


Which part of the workshop did you find least useful?

Jeopardy game - because I didn’t win. 😉


Which part of the workshop did you find most useful?

I really appreciated learning more about the player motivations and how to plan for the short term and long term.


Would you recommend this Lithium Social Strategy Consulting Workshop to a colleague?

Yes, I think this workshop was an excellent way to get us started on developing our gamification strategy.


litho-bdg-premium-gaming-workshop.pngAnd to recognize everyone who have taken the gamification workshop, we have released an exclusive badge, which will be displayed on your profile.



If you would like to received more information on how to host one of these workshops at your company, please contact your Account Executive or ping me Xavier Jimenez here @XavierJ  or @xjimenez on Twitter.

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