Get Baking!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Whether you’re schoolin’ your friends or coworkers at this year’s gingerbread house making contest or simply pulling some fresh-baked cookies out of the oven just in time for Santa’s arrival – or, in all reality, to stuff into your own mouth without any shame whatsoever – many people find themselves cooking up a storm during the holiday season. (For all of you culinary geniuses out there, we say THANK YOU!)


And although we love when momma gives her TLC touch to everything that comes out of the kitchen, one of the greatest things about baking during the holidays is that it’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with the family. put family to work! (We’re onto you, Mom!) But while sweet treats are baking in the oven, why not crack open our festive, downloadable Family Holiday Activity Kit to get some fun ideas for passing the time? It’s basically our version of a holiday card this year – and our own way of saying thank you to all of our amazing customers for being a big part of the Lithium Family. Thanks for putting us to work in your social media “kitchens.”


Now, here’s a way that you can pitch in on something we’re cooking up. The holidays always get us into the spirit of giving. So, this year, we’ve pledged to donate $1 to UNICEF every time the link to our Family Holiday Activity Kit is shared across social media along with the #lithiumholiday2017 hashtag. We’d love your help in spreading the word. Please take a few seconds – it will literally only take a couple of seconds – to copy, paste, and share the link now or simply click to tweet below:


Thanks for getting into the spirit of giving with us! We so very much appreciate it. Now, it’s our turn to give you a little something in return: our fifth tip for spreading holiday cheer! Go rummage through your kitchen to find sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and all of your baking essentials. Then download the Family Holiday Activity Kit to see what fun surprise is hidden behind colorful snowball number five. We’d love to tell you what’s there, but we wouldn’t want to ruin a sweet surprise, now would we? (Your inner sweet tooth will thank us!)


From our family to yours, thanks for helping Lithium spread some holiday cheer this year!


Click to Tweet: #HappyHolidays from @lithiumtech! Check out our amazing Family Holiday Activity Kit today! Spread a little holiday cheer – share the link with the #lithiumholiday2017 hashtag and we’ll donate $1 to @UNICEF for every share: