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Get ready to get Perked at LiNC!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Are you getting ready for LiNC? If so, you should know that there will be some lucky winners who will get some fabulous Perks, including some treats from TaylorMade!


But the only way you can win a coveted Perk is by creating and connecting your Klout profile to your Lithium Community profile.


So before you arrive in San Francisco, if you haven’t already done so, just follow these easy steps:


1. Login to the Lithium Community and go to your community profile (to do so, just click on your name) 


2. When your profile comes up, click to connect to Klout 

unconnected profile.JPG

















  3. You will then be asked to connect to Klout with either your email, Facebook or Twitter accounts 

connect to Klout.JPG























 4. Once you do so, you can select which of your social networks you want to connect 

connected networks.JPG























5. You’ll get a confirmation message when you’re finished



















And that’s all you need to be ready to win!


Give it a few hours, and when you go back to visit your community profile and hover over the “K” button that says “Connected,” you’ll see this:

 integrated profile_crop.png















You’re now ready to get Perked at LiNC!



If you want to display your connected social networks within the community, but don’t want anyone to click through to say, your Facebook profile page, you can choose which networks have active links and which don’t within Klout by following these simple steps:


1. Go to your Klout profile and click on "Settings" 
Klout settings.PNG

2. Click on "Manage Profile Links" 

Manage profile links.PNG








3. You can then unclick whichever networks you don't want to display within your community profile network links.PNG