Guide to LiNC '16

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With LiNC '16 just around the corner, we're beyond excited here at Lithium HQ. Here's what you need to make the most of LiNC.


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Before the event

Follow us on Twitter: @LithiumTech for live updates and photos straight from the conference floor. The official LiNC hashtag is #LiNC16.


2016_LiNC-badges_digitallyconnected.pngLiNC Mobile App

Want to stay connected throughout LiNC '16? Download our app here. This app allows you to:

  • See the complete schedule and venue maps and access detailed information on all sessions, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Receive announcements and obtain the most up-to-date event information.
  • Share pictures, status updates, review sessions, and ask questions.
  • Earn points and badges. Stay on top of the leaderboard to be eligible for some great prizes.
  • Expand your professional network, view attendees profiles, @mention them, and have a good time!


LiNC Event Group: Join the LiNC Event Group to stay in the know with content, contests, and engage with other attendees--before, during, and after the event. We encourage starting conversations here rather in the mobile app, since they'll live on in the community even when LiNC'16 is over. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Have questions about the event? Check our FAQs. Need more info? Feel free to let us know!


Unconference: The fun doesn't stop when the last session is over. We'll be holding our annual Unconference on June 10. Check out some of our topics, and bring your best questions and ideas to the table. 


During the event

Follow #LiNC16 for tweets from the Lithium team and LINC attendees.


2016_LiNC-badges_attendee.pngLive blogging – Keep an eye on the Lithium’s View blog, where we will provide recaps and highlights of each session. Subscribe to the “LiNC” label to receive notifications as soon as new content has been posted!


Get to the top of the leaderboards! Use the mobile app to engage with other attendees, complete your profile, share status updates, respond to surveys, and more to earn points and climb to the highest ranks! 


Earn badges! We have a special collection of LiNC’16 community badges just for our attendees. There are numerous ways to obtain these: some are acquired automatically, while others need to be earned through achievements. Best of luck!


Livestream: Customers, partners and employees who are unable to attend the event in person will get access to live steaming of the general sessions. More information will be made available on June 8th. Stay tuned! 


After the event 

2016_LiNC-badges_voxpop.pngPresentations and recordings will be available to attendees, customers and partners exclusively via the Lithium Community. Stay tuned for more info!


Share your feedback. How can we make LiNC better? Share your feedback on the survey, or here in the community.



Stay connected. The LiNC experience will continue in the community, so stay connected and check back the week after for a few surprises!



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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

One additional tip - don't miss any of the evening events. They're shaping up to be a blast!

Honored Contributor
Cannot contain my excitement!! To be back in the bay, meeting so many cool community and social peeps and what is no doubt going to be some kickass content/sessions 🙂
Occasional Advisor

What a great conference it was. Is it possible to get the video of the conference which was shown at the closing? 


Retired Community Manager

Hi @VanessaM, we're so glad! You can see the video here.

Occasional Advisor

Thank you @JennC. Watching the video lets me feel like being back at the conference - the video really sums up all of the memories. 

New Commentator


随着LiNC '16就在拐角处,我们在锂电总部非常激动。这是您需要充分发挥LiNC的作用。


guide to LINC 16 (1).png


在Twitter上关注我们:  @LithiumTech  直接从会议室进行实时更新和照片。LiNC官方标签是LiNC16



想要保持连线在LiNC '16?下载我们的应用程序在这里此应用程序允许您:

  • 查看完整的时间表和场地地图,并查看所有会议,演讲者和赞助商的详细信息。
  • 接收通知并获取最新的事件信息。
  • 分享图片,状态更新,审查会议,并提出问题。
  • 赚取积分和徽章。留在排行榜的顶端,有资格获得一些伟大的奖品。
  • 扩大您的专业网络,查看与会者的个人资料,赦免他们,并有一个愉快的时光!



常见问题: 有关活动的问题?查看我们的  常见问题解答需要更多信息?随意让我们知道!


非会议: 上次会议结束时,乐趣不会停止。我们将在6月10日举行一年一度的Unconference。  查看我们的  一些话题,并将最好的问题和想法带到桌面。 



关注  #LiNC16 来自Lithium团队和LINC与会者的推文。


2016_LiNC-badges_attendee.png现场博客 - 注意Lithium的View博客,我们将在此提供每个会话的简要介绍和亮点。订阅“ LiNC ”标签即可在新内容发布后立即收到通知!






Livestream: 无法亲自参加活动的客户,合作伙伴和员工将可以获得一般会议的直播。更多信息将于6月8日提供。敬请关注! 



2016_LiNC-badges_voxpop.png演讲和录音  将通过锂社区专门提供给与会者,客户和合作伙伴。敬请关注更多信息!





保持联系。 LiNC的经验将会在社区中继续下去,所以请保持联系,并在一周之后检查几次惊喜!





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