Happy Birthday Lithosphere!

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Free Fun Happy Colorful Birthday Party Balloons Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet PhotographyThe Lithosphere is 1 year old today!


It seems like it was just a sort time ago, but so much has happened. Of course, time past is only one way of looking at the community and what we've achieved - so I thought I'd share a couple of other numbers from the last year that you might be interested in:


Over 5 million page views
Over 2.2 million user sessions

About 620 user registrations

Number of new members registered last month: 93

Nearly 500 forum threads started, with over 1400 replies


170+ ideas submitted, with over 300 comments (since November '08)

  • 8 ideas have been implemented, with 14 more under consideration


200+ blog articles,with at least 235 comments

  • Includes 10 guest posts and 6 interviews


There have been over 33,000 searches

The top search term of all time is 'restapi' (over 8000 times!)


Number of forum posts on the Rest API: about 120

  • Number of times JakeR stepped up to answer a REST question: at least 20

Number of forum posts on ranks: about 127


There have been over 7 webcasts, and 9 web cast speakers and moderators have participated on the community


1 major upgrade, and about 7 or so minor ones

2 major design changes

Uses of the word Lithosphereans: 4

  • Number of times it has been misspelled: 2 (my fault)

Number of ranks currently in use: 23

Comments on the pink rank names: 4

Comments on the gray rank names afterwards: 4


Over 50 accepted solutions, which have been viewed over 50,000 times

Members have given out over 1700 kudos

Kudos Leaders:

  • Last week: MoniqueL (3)
  • Last month: JohnnyJigsaw (14)
  • Last year: Mark_Hopkins (164)

...and 7 All-Star members recognized at the customer conference last May!


Avatar pictures I've had: 4

Minutes I've spent on the community: 102012 and still going

Moments of apprehension: a few

Moments of amazement and pure joy: too many to count


My thanks to each and every one of you for all that you've done to make this community a welcoming and helpful place - it's really because of you that we achieved what we have to date!


Here's hoping for many happy returns in the years to come!



Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

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Happy 1st Birthday Lithosphere! And a reiteration of thanks from all of us at Lithium to all the users and particularly our incredibly talented superusers. You guys are the best.

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Great first year - Lithium took a lot of risk in launching the Lithosphere, and I'm glad that your culture is bold and willing to undertake prudent risk.  I think success follows closely.    While some Lithium competitors use twitter, have a some blogs, or otherwise try to engage existing and potential customers, I'm not aware of any SaaS provider that has built a community on community, that is so feature rich and so much a work in progress.


As the Lithium champion for this effort and community manager, you deserve a big round of applause too!


Best wishes for year 2




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Happy Birthday!  (Is there cake???)  I love the LS - I learn so much from what others post, and it all gives me a lot to think about.  Hope the LS has many more years!



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Oh, did I forget the cake? Must have gotten stuck somewhere...


Big birthday by Brandie!.jpg


Thanks so much for your continued help and support! We truly couldn't have done it without you!



Photo by Brandie!

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I brought a spoon, a napkin and extra health insurance - that should see me through the cake!

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Mmmmm...  Nice cake!  LOL



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