Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

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Community managers. They’re the biggest brand advocates and, at the same time, the voice of the customer. I like to think of a community manager as an octopus of sorts, with arms in many different projects.


That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day today, and to recognize all the amazing community managers across our Lithium communities!



Along with the video above, we’re going above and beyond today to celebrate our community managers! Here’s a sneak peek into what we have lined up this week:



CMAD badge_72x72.png

Last but definitely not least, we have a special CMAD badge! Earn this badge by participating (kudoing or commenting) in our CMAD activities listed above. 




How are you celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day? Share in the comments below!



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Happy day to all of the community managers out there!

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Great video guys! Our team is gathered at the Alteryx Tech Center in Denver to host our first Community Summit, which kicks off today and will last all week. We'll have superusers onsite tomorrow, and host a livestream Wednesday to celebrate some of our successes and recognize our top contributors. Fun packed week 🙂 Happy CMAD to all  of you community pros out there!

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Tip #4 : released at least few proper pictures, even if you'd love to do much more (with all these still unreleased ones of all those Star CMs !). HAPPY CMAD to you all ![Group 23]-DSC_5607_DSC_5610-4 images_resize.jpgDSC_5600_resize.JPGDSN_0413_1_resize.jpg


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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! May your budget be high, your bug count be low, and your members be happy! Cat Very Happy

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Aww, super fun video! Thank you and Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day. Great to see some of the internal community there that make it such an awesome company. Hey, can I get that cute soundtrack for my Songs of Community Manager song collection? (

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Facts about octopuses

  • The environment and lifestyle of cephalopods means that they need to be capable of complex and flexible behaviour.
  • As active predators they need to explore, understand and remember their environment and the behaviour of other animals.
  • Studies have shown that octopuses learn easily, including learning by observation of another octopus.
  • They can solve problems, as when they remove a plug or unscrew a lid to get prey from a container.
  • They are the first invertebrates to be seen using tools, such as using coconut shells to hide from potential predators and using rocks and jets of water in a way that could be classified as tool use.


Tip #5: Surprise your community manager with some new tools: Make some tools - platform upgrades, BI resources, designers, ... you name it - available to your CM and be delighted yourself by the outcome in return.

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Happy CMAD to all my fellow CM's and my awesome team. I am celebrating by us launching a new forum home page tomorrow. #Super#Excited!


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Happy CMAD everyone.


It's also Australia Day here down under, which means Australian Community Managers get the day off (sort of)...




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Nice video!


Hope all of you CM's had a great CMAD 🙂

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